Apple has collected some spectacular and impressive sales -


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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Apple has collected some spectacular and impressive sales

Apple has collected some spectacular and impressive sales gains in the third quarter in the United States. According to analysts at BMO Capital Markets estimate encompasses a 103.6% profit in the whole smartphone industry.

Obviously, the fiasco of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has had much to do with this. The reason why Apple has been able to hold more than 100% of the profits is because most companies have lost money, such is the case of LG and HTC.

Samsung led the market with 21.7% of smartphones sold, while Apple remained in second place with 13.2% share. However, Samsung profit level has remained at 0.9%. As for LG and HTC, as mentioned previously, they are in the red.

This is the first time that the Cupertino company obtained revenues of more than 100% thanks in part to the failure of Samsung and the strong demand for the iPhone 7 among other factors including marketing and profitability.

Apple and Samsung are the only companies that have been saved

Done within a couple of days we informed you about the leadership of iPad sales in a down market , as in the case of smartphones goes something very similar. And of course, the vast majority of consumers can not update its terminals every year.

Apple and Samsung have been dominating the smartphone industry for years. The Cupertino have always obtained between 90% and 95% of profits, but this year the iPhone in July marked a turning point leading the company above 100% of profits from sales. And most important of all, much it remains year ahead to improve their numbers. Sweet Christmas, Apple.

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