Apple Improves Your Health Monitoring System to Implement It in Your AirPods -


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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Apple Improves Your Health Monitoring System to Implement It in Your AirPods

Apple has published a patent that extends its invention nearly ten years, covering the wearable sports and health monitoring devices. Especially incorporating a language that apparently adapts to the features introduced with the new AirPods.

The new patent on feature to the already published in the 2014 version this year is over the previous document. - Which extends published in 2007 - and adds several details suggesting that Apple is about to integrate some of the technologies Described in a new product. For example, in the next generation of AirPods.

What is the patent?

According to the patent the monitoring system integrates an advanced Apple biometric sensor capable of detecting various physiological measures including temperature, pulse and perspiration levels, among others. How many wearables with integrated sensors, in this case consist of a system capable of taking measurements with contact to the skin.

Apple already thinks about the new AirPods

Yes, oddly enough, Apple has not been able to launch the first generation of their AirPods and already seems to be thinking about the next. This patent also describes technologies that could improve the use of our AirPods, leaving aside the interaction by gestures and including an improved system of voice interaction.

In the platform described in the patent the users would have the possibility to interact in two ways with their headsets: through commands of pulsations or through voice commands. All that describes this patent for interaction with headphones is much like - not to say it is the same - to what we saw in the AirPods presented in September.

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