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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Apple iPad, outstanding leader

It is no coincidence that both Apple and Microsoft bet increasingly by increasingly portable laptops and hybrids, because today the tablet market keeps plummeting, down 14.7% compared to data quarter of 2015, according to consultancy IDC . However, always they have high expectations for the Christmas shopping. But in this declining market, Apple and its iPad stand out far above the rest in terms of tablets sold.

Apple iPad, outstanding leader

That's because Apple is the undisputed market leader with just over 9 million units sold and a market share of more than 20%. Over the previous year, the decline in sales was 6.2%, a slight drop compared to its main competitor Samsung.

Despite the efforts of Apple to the development and subsequent launch iPad Pro, is the iPad Air and iPad Mini in all ranges which have coalesced into the market.

Stratified market and widespread decline

By contrast, Samsung is second in the market for tablets. Yes, the Korean company sees sales down almost 20%, down from 8.1 to 6.5 million tablets sold, staying in a discreet second place and closer profile brands lot lower.

This trend plummeting tablets only ones continue to rise at a dizzying rate are considered some of the Low - cost - less than 200 euros - specifically those sold by Huawei but especially the Amazon, with 3.1 and 2 , 4 million, respectively.

especially striking is the brutal rise of Amazon, with 319.9% ​​in their models Alexa and Fire. Of course, Amazon's aggressive campaign on its own platform with discounts up to 30% in their sales pitches and strategies have strongly influenced sales.

The rest of tablets Low - cost have not been so lucky, as in the case of Lenovo. Yes, says the consultant tablets Low - also carry an associated cost Low - user experience, let that quality has a price and that buying cheap is just repenting soon.

Market Trends tablets

Everything indicates that the market is bipolarizando into two antagonistic terms, that of tablets for professional use that come to replace a laptop, as the case of the iPad Pro and Ultra Low - cost, with marginal use and merely idle for a public undemanding.

Also, with increasingly less defined in terms of size and power in smartphones, laptops and tablets lines, it is not ruled out that sooner or later some technology companies bet by the discontinuation of some of its gadgets.

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