Apple is ready to take Siri to another level -


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Friday, 18 November 2016

Apple is ready to take Siri to another level

The patent filed this Thursday in the office in charge of registration in the United States, is undoubtedly a leak that allows us to see what will be Siri in the immediate future, and that our virtual assistant is called by Apple to evolve to much More for us than we could ever imagine.

And that much more, comes from the hand of greater intelligence to their functions as an organizer and assistant rapid response function intelligently in our iChats, when making use of an application, or simply make a direct payment through the peer to peer platform even remotely.

How does all this work?

Imagine you are in a group chat and both speak plan an exit such as would go to the movies or eating a pizza, in the case of the first option you can directly by voice command solicit the help of Siri would enter the chat As one more member.

And use with permission of the participants of course information such as location, calendar, and even their funds to seek the closest to all movies, and movies that are in billboard, once done this Siri would give them the options recommended for choose and could make (prior permission of you of course) payment for the platform.

In the second (to go eat a pizza) Siri can book them to that where they want to go to share, all thanks to the development of a new mechanism of its software that makes it much more extensively to these tasks and intelligent course to Time to detect a request for help without recourse to the traditional words.

This already in itself is a quantum leap in Siri that promises to surprise a lot in the short term, because these functions are extended to almost exponential levels and of course for Apple are one more way to project the use of its payment platform to which Companies like PayPal have already joined to work.

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