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Monday, 21 November 2016

Apple launches two new Apple Music ads

Apple has released a few hours ago on your YouTube channel two new ads Apple Music with Taylor Swift and Drake as protagonists.

The first one, which is called "Apple Music - Taylor vs. Treadmill "Its purpose is to remind users that in addition to their own lists of recommended and can access playlist that come closer to the activity performed at that time.

As for the second ad, called "Apple Music - Drake vs. Bench Press ", aims to show the 'Browse' function, which as you know, has some playlists created by Apple Music. In addition, Apple reminds us that the service has playlists for every moment, with more than 40 million songs in total.

In short, with these ads Apple tries to give a little more publicity to the service, that how we have told you on more than one occasion, little by little gets cut way to Spotify.

Are any of you subscribed to Apple Music? We are very happy with the service, especially for its full integration with iOS, something that unfortunately is not achieved with Spotify.

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