Apple may launch iPad version 10.5 "next year.

It is reported that Apple may launch new iPad 10.5 "next year, starting with the production version of the iPad in early December.

DigitalTime reported that Apple may launch iPad version 10.5 "Tablet in the coming years due to the big screen in the United States. Has been popular among users in business and education, as many expect Apple will begin production of iPad 10.5 "in December. To be released early next year.

iPad 10.5 "

There are also reports that the iPad measures 9.7 "is probably too small, the iPad Pro 12.9" is large and the price is so high that Apple chose to launch iPad 10.5 "was to serve that need. iPad size and the price is not very high.

For iPad 10.5 "A10X chipset is expected to be the same as the iPad Pro 12.9" expects Apple to sell iPad 10.5 "Approximately two million units in the first quarter of 2017 and 5-6 million units next year. The media predicted that Apple may set a lower price than iPad Pro 9.7 "to compete with the Tablet Andorid.

Despite a new iPad also has a conflict. As previously Barclays had previously reported that Apple will launch iPad Pro 10.9 "screen borderless and Kuo from KGI revealed that Apple will launch the iPad version 10.5" The Macotakara. Believed to be a 10.1 " must follow that Apple will launch the new iPad yet, anyway.
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