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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Apple Music could be a little more accessible very soon

Competition in the market for streaming music services continues to increase. Every year we see how new platforms emerge supported by various technology companies, while others disappear for failing to reach a decent market share.

This year, for example, it has been that Amazon has finally moved tab announcing the launch of Music Unlimited, which allows access to the entire music library from Amazon only four dollars for users of Amazon Echo. Movements like this have forced Apple to further strengthen its service Apple Music.

Music Apple would change its Rates Coming Soon

First, it came a deep upgrade service applications with the arrival of iOS 10 solving the problems of complexity of use of which he was accused. Now it's time to have their monthly rates.

According to information from DigitalMusicNews , Apple is seriously considering lowering its rates twenty percent, so that would be at 7,99 euros for the individual plan and 12,99 euros for the family. These changes, however, would not affect the rate of students (only available in certain countries).

So many changes are needed a year later?

No doubt many people will assail the question of whether there is a need to make many changes to a service that has just been born. They can give the impression that Apple Music is not working as originally thought.

Personally, I used the trial service, but honestly thought it was not something that would cover my needs completely, use issues in other non-Apple devices. It's complicated now appears a platform capable of challenging the throne Spotify, or even YouTube. Nor, even if it comes from Apple.

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