Apple Music will have to lower its prices to compete with the brutal offers of Google -


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Apple Music will have to lower its prices to compete with the brutal offers of Google

The race to tap into streaming music and video users has become increasingly tougher. And it is that Spotify is still the industry leader, seniority and permeation in the market, but Google has just taken a blow on the table with an offer that few can refuse: a totally free premium subscription 4 months duration to Google Play Music services and Youtube Network - free unlimited access to Youtube annoying ads - respectively. With this strategist, Apple choice but to attempt a similar maneuver if Google does not want to see how their cake is eaten not have left.

The actual cost of this offer is valued at 40 euros - since subscriptions to both Google Play Music and Youtube Network offer the first free month and subsequently become 9.99 euros per month - and with it, Google hopes to give A definite push to their audiovisual channels in streaming, with a market share to this day quite marginal, at least as far as audio is concerned.

To enjoy this free trial period offered discounts during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday needs to be a new user. And you can unsubscribe at any time.

Google recently announced a facelift of its platform Google Play Music streaming, with new features and algorithms more precise recommendation, ultimately seeking further customization of the experience consists of more than 40 million songs. Of course, remember that if you are already in the trial month or you have been a member, then you will not be able to select this incredible offer.

When Apple Music hit the market got a good response from consumers, mostly Apple fanboys who welcomed the incursion of Cupertino in the streaming business. After the furor of the initial months, Apple Music is stuck in a tight second place, yes, light years away from Spotify. With this brutal campaign Google seeks to blatantly snatch users both from Spotify and Apple Music, who should bet on similar offers to counter the attack.

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