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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Apple not only invests in mobile technology, and this is the test

Although we all think of Apple as a company that manufactures mobile phones, computers or tablets, the truth is that several of its lines of business have nothing to do, at least directly, with technology. One of them is renewable energy and is that since August, Apple has a license to sell solar power in the state of California. It is not the only technological company investing in alternative energies: Google or Amazon are also pushing strong in this world but, why?

Minimize costs, one of the goals in any company

One of the main reasons is the high cost of electricity but, on the other hand, it is critically important to make the servers work, where valuable information is stored and which serve to run such obvious services as iCloud Or the App Store, for example. Moreover, the price of producing solar energy is significantly lower than create it with other sources such as oil, coal or natural gas, and if it's you produce yourself, saving is really important.

R & D and data collection, another major reason

Moreover, Apple spent millions of dollars on research and development of new products or new technologies that will be taken to the final consumer. The smart home is one of the services that will grow in the coming years, and the sample is in the Dozens of products connected through HomeKit that we have today. We can regulate the light in our living room, change the temperature of the thermostat, set the alarm, or even see what happens in our house when we are not, and all from our iPhone.

Therefore, it is not crazy to think that, thanks to a system of connected solar panels, Apple could gain valuable information about our spending habits and offer thus the power required at all times of the day, allowing us to save a few euros in the Bill at the end of the month.

Also let's not forget the famous car in development of Apple, the iCar. An electric car that were supplied by photovoltaic panels would be a revolution and we must not forget that Apple is one of the most socially aware companies to the environment, as we saw last year, where the apple were at the top 50 most sustainable companies in the world .

And you, what do you think about solar energy? Do you think Apple should continue down this road? Or, maybe it would be better to go to other types of services? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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