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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Apple patents a folding iPhone model

On this day, it has unveiled a new Apple patent that refers to a new iPhone design with hinges and a flexible OLED screen that has the ability to bend in half. While at first glance, this reminds us of those phones with lid about 20 years ago, the addition of a flexible OLED screen completely changes the preconceived idea of ​​the device.

Patent no. 9.504.170 Apple has the name of "Flexible display devices" and in it is detailed to an iPhone with a foldable screen.

To achieve a clamshell form, the invention is based on Apple a series of flexible components, the most important, an OLED display and the metal support structure.

In some examples, the folding phone incorporates a chassis that is divided into upper and lower sections, where each section contains processors, sensors, among other things. For example, the top of the housing could include cameras, display drivers, speaker modules and light sensors, while the bottom would incorporate microphones, CPU and GPU, vibrator and other necessary parts.

The two pieces are joined by a hinge mechanism designed to support the rotation, allowing the two parts of the device to move smoothly the connections between the upper and lower chassis is made through flexible printed circuit boards.

The screen is installed on the two structures of the device, because it is highly flexible.

In one of the schemes presented by the patent, the folds of the smartphone screen folds over itself giving it similar to a flip phone old look and offering additional protection against external agents.

On the other hand, the screen can retract within one or both housings, a very striking feature that suggests that the OLED screen is very malleable.

The document details the designs of the hinges, the components of the chassis, among other technical issues.

Apple is unlikely to develop this design iPhone in the next year, but it remains an interesting view of how the company innovates for the future.

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