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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Apple Patents a New System for Augmented Reality on iPhone

Apple has in the crosshairs technologies such as augmented reality, which is called to be one of the stars of the upcoming devices. Proof of this is his interest in investing in this technology, with acquisitions like Metaio , Faceshift or Flyby Media . As Tim Cook said a few months ago, "augmented reality can be great and we will soon see if you can become the next platform , " but how implemented in the iPhone?

In June we told you that Apple won new patents augmented reality and a wraparound screen , and now comes new news about it . According to recent rumors, Apple plans to implement its strategy based on iOS augmented reality. The company has patented a new system for mapping virtual reality fail of the iPhone hardware for visual optimization live video.

As stated in Apple Insider , the information posted by the Patent and Trademark United States, this patent (US No. 9,488,488) describes a scanning app fail of the set of sensors the iPhone to show To users augmented reality images of everything around them in real time. In some examples, digital data such as street names or points of interest are superimposed on the live video, taken from the camera of a device.

Other examples show variations that include more complex functions, such as navigation based on GPS. One possible application of this technology could offer the possibility to start the main camera of the iPhone activating the augmented reality app Maps. Then the system automatically relate integrated information as gyroscope, accelerometer and digital compass, the GPS data collected by the sensors. This way, you could identify the position of the iPhone, its tilt and alignment.

Basically, the highlight of this new Apple patent is that by the sensors of the iPhone and the information obtained by the camera or GPS , for example, could show augmented reality scene in which the user is real - time, quality and precision. It could also play with the orientation of the device to change display formats and provide advanced augmented reality experience with the iPhone. What would you like to hurl Apple with this technology?

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