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Friday, 11 November 2016

Apple Pay, Among the Most Used Payment Methods on the Internet

We live in a globalized world in which money transactions are almost instantaneous from one end of the world to another; In which more and more people use the internet to manage their finances. And of course, to buy whatever we please, with a few clicks or touches.

It is so much the money that moves in the network, that heaps of companies decide to create their own service of payments, to take off of the market, more and more ample. It has long ceased to be a matter of a few, and is no more comfortable thing to buy online with confidence.

Apple Pay and its evolution in its two years of life

No wonder, therefore, that Apple decided to launch two years ago its own payment solution. Apple Pay, came into our lives (or rather, to Americans) with the iPhone 6, and offered us the possibility, not only to buy in physical stores with NFC, but also apps that soportasen.

In 2016, already with the iPhone 7 for sale, we have a service that has evolved (in its newly released web version), according to analysts SimilarTech in the fifth payment method most used. That's because Apple Pay, two years later, is now available on both iOS and Mac OS , and every time in more countries waiting to come into force in Europe.

PayPal, the ultimate goal of Apple Pay on the web

Now, Apple Pay has among its direct leaders like PayPal, which occupies two of the top positions (the PayPal itself and its subsidiary Braintree) and Stripe rivals. And it will have to work hard to continue to rise in the ranking, although there is no doubt that it is already one of the biggest fears of its competition.

So, we can only expect more and more service improvements, for example, the arrival of the service itself to countries like Spain . And that will not be stopped, so close to having the opportunity to be the reference, considering that not even cover all the territories to which, for example, if it PayPal.

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