Apple to have 10 prototypes of iPhone 8 in full development -


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Apple to have 10 prototypes of iPhone 8 in full development

The Wall Street Journal reported in today Apple has ten different prototypes of iPhone 8 in full swing, including a model of higher price with an OLED display multiple industry sources, analysts and those responsible for the supply chain Of the Cupertino company have been talking for months.

Asian vendors have been asked to increase the production of thinner OLED screens and present "better-than-Samsung" prototype screens to Apple.

"An iPhone with an OLED screen may enter one of several models that were released , " people familiar with the matter said. The OLED iPhone would have a higher price because OLEDs can be up to $ 50 more expensive to produce than LCDs.

Apple may ultimately decide not to release the iPhone OLED among more than 10 prototypes are considered.

Because OLEDs do not require a component of the backlight to illuminate the screen like traditional LCDs, OLED may improve iPhone battery life because the screen would consume less energy on mobile devices.

Screen makers are comfortable with Apple's decision to build the iPhone with a given OLED screen that typically pre-pays components and could add billions of dollars to its sales. The smartphone market for OLEDs should gradually buy up the LCD market in 2017 to reach an estimated sales of $ 18.6 billion.

Multiple vendors are expected to provide OLED screens for the next iPhone, led by Samsung Display that spent close to $ 10 billion this year to expand its OLED production and research and development.

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