Apple to replace defective iPhone 6S batteries -


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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Apple to replace defective iPhone 6S batteries

If you are the owner of an iPhone 6S, you may be one of the lucky ones to be experiencing some problems with your terminal, which apparently turns itself off for no apparent cause. If so, quiet because Apple has said that the ruling does not go beyond so there is no additional risk of deterioration and has offered to replace the battery - which is the cause of this problem, as well as explosions in other IPhone 7 models - for free under certain conditions. According to the Cupertino, this particular battery failure would affect only the iPhone 6S that were manufactured during September and October 2015.

With this program of repairs and replacements Apple offers a very different face that launched weeks ago to alleviate errors MultiTouch screen precisely iPhone 6S , for which the Cupertino offered solution although the customer had to pay 167.10 euros . A very controversial being a factory error measure. Why in some cases Apple offers free replacement and other suggests that it is the customer who must bear the costs?

Apple found the problem when some users of iPhone 6S reported on the official website of Apple sudden blackouts of their terminals, although they still had about half battery available. The theme of Apple and batteries is getting quite worrying, as if iPhone 6S devices go off for no apparent reason, in iPhone 7 , and there have been episodes of explosions terminal - although Apple says that failure is unrelated to its manufacture, pointing directly to non - original chargers -.

Many questions have arisen around this question: Why does Apple know that the iPhone 6S terminals that give problems are those manufactured during a certain period of time? Does the model manufactured during September - October 2015 use a different type of battery or a different battery than the rest? What is the fault exactly? If you're one of the users who are experiencing unexplained blackouts, Apple will suggest you contact your official supplier to manage battery replacement for free.

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