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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Apple to Revolutionize Wireless Charging Technology on iPhone 8?

We all know what is the wireless charging , or at least those who are outstanding in the world of technology - and we also know that many manufacturers have implemented on their devices more or less successfully.

However, one of the most important companies in the world of smartphones has not gone to this boat yet, but according to Apple rumors come to break the market with new wireless charging technology that has been developed to implement in the future iPhone 8 and its variants .

Is this technology really necessary?

Although many smartphones today include it, the apple company has decided not to implement in its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this feature. You could say that, unlike other functions, wireless charging is one of those technologies that seem to be taking steps in the right direction, but do not end up curdle the way they should.

A big reason for his apparent failure could be the dependence on the charging base, because who wants to leave your phone in a base when you can just plug into a cable? For this technology to have the desired success, they will have to find a way to ease the burden on users.

Could Apple give the twist this market needs?

If there is something that Apple knows how to do well is to hype. We agree that the company has had ups and downs, drawing technologies that had been in other smaller devices for years, but that strangely find a point of utility and popularity when the company decides to implement them. An example of this is the NFC, a technology that almost went unnoticed until a few years ago in which Apple decided to introduce it in their iPhone 6, or even the Apple Watch, which revolutionized the world of smartwatches .

However, some voices have claimed that Apple would be producing a new wireless charging system, which would royal honor the name of this technology. It is assumed that the iPhone 8 may be loaded at a distance , leaving aside load the bases exist today.

If Apple takes this reality, we are confident that wireless charging will have the desired success and many manufacturers want to jump on the bandwagon too, growing this new feature every day.

Do you have a device compatible with this technology? Leave your answer in the comments!

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