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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Apple TV, an increasingly interesting option in Spain

Christmas comes, the period in which every living being is carried away by the consumer sentiment that we all have to a greater or lesser extent. Now is the time when most consider bringing new experiences to our home in the form of whim. And one of those caprices could be, now more than ever, an Apple TV.

The Apple TV, that device that Apple brought the world to improve access to the contents of iTunes, now is becoming the definitive hub for the house of the XXI century. Since the last generation has undergone a radical change, focusing on End in giving developers the opportunity to develop their best apps on it. And if they are doing it.

The evolution of the Apple TV, much more than just a nexus with iTunes

From apps from content providers to games, not forgetting others dedicated to online shopping, or tourism. Apple TV in Spain is no longer just an access to the iTunes library, now it is much more. Increasingly there are more and more possibilities of uses for this device, and does not look its growth will slow in the near future.

And as I said before, and it is not only the content, also Apple in recent years it has strived to become the center HomeKit, ready to control all the functions of our digital home. The command of the Apple TV, also it is of our house thanks to Siri.

The content boom, promoting the development of the platform in Spain

Now, why do I say that now is the best time to buy it? For a very simple reason, the boom of VoD services in our country. Apple TV, will have support in the present (or in the future) for the vast majority of video platforms that are coming to our country. Wuaki, Netflix, HBO Spain ... all that content will be available through the Apple TV, and the newly announced TV app, which come in the future to our country, will help you discover it all .

Of course, I do not think Apple TV is by now the perfect experience for a very clear reason, the UHD. And is that I can not understand why they have ignored this technology, despite the acceptance they are having in the market. However, one year after the launch of the latest generation of the device, I can say they have created the best platform on the market, and there is no better time than Christmas to discover.

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