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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Apple Will Make Clean App in the App Store

The App Store is the app store for mobile devices with more variety of applications and games, and also where there are usually fewer problems with is false or promise something that certainly is not. However, in recent times these false applications have proliferated and become increasingly common to find them in the App Store.

The Google Play Store Android was the favorite for the creators of these bogus applications place but slowly opting to try their luck also on iOS devices. In addition, its arrival has occurred in a very quiet way, getting in many cases cause problems for users.

Apple controls carried out much before an application or game to be released in the App Store, but still, there are times that are beyond their control and end "slipping". And as you know, very soon the US company could carry out a deep cleaning of its application store to eliminate all this type of false applications

Fake apps start to be a headache for Apple

But what are fake apps? Neither more nor less than those who promise a content that is then not or are passed by a company that is not part. Through these false applications have been obtained personal and banking data of numerous users, producing great damages.

Apple has always worried a lot about the security and privacy of the users, that is why it can not allow in its App Store there are applications of this type. Now everything seems to indicate that Apple will soon remedy, and that the company is planning a cleanup of its App Store to get rid of a stroke all these apps before starting the Christmas shopping period.

Apparently, most of these rogue applications come from Chinese developers. A report recently released by The New York Times points out that there are applications that supposedly belong to Nike, Puma and other well-known brands of the market, developed by Footlocke Sports Co., a name that could be confused with Foot Locker. Through them they try to attract users to purchase from the application, thus achieving personal and bank details.

Now we just have to wait for Apple to work put and remove all those apps from the App Store. To do this, already has a team of engineers and a project to evaluate the quality of the applications.

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