Apple will revolutionize the market with a flexible iPhone -


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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Apple will revolutionize the market with a flexible iPhone

Not too long that both Apple and Samsung were involved in the #Bendgate ago, that is, when they began criticism for the alleged deformability of its devices to store them in the pocket of trousers and experts SquareTrade showed that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was much more deformable than the iPhone 6. However, it seems that the future of smartphones is directed towards flexibility. are we heading towards a bendable iPhone? it seems to be yes.

These suspicions have taken shape with confirmation that Apple has just patented a device made of fiber, aluminum, plastic and ceramics - materials used to design an iPhone - with carbon nanotubes, that would give the future iPhone flexibility and resistance to breakage, so that would allow it to bend halfway without seeing altered its operation.

Using different configurations of materials: either with a wall carbon or a combination of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and polymers, Apple could equip its structures flexibility that already have other electronic devices such as signal cables, antennas , printed circuits, sensor arrays and displays ... without network signal is altered while maintaining their commitment increasingly lighter devices.

After the famous #BendGate, both Apple and its main competitor Samsung have started the race in the development of technologies that enable a future foldable smartphones. In fact Apple's own patented back in 2013 other initiatives related to the flexibility of their devices.

Although these patents themselves do not constitute a confirmation medium term, if that evidence - as in the case of investment in Health developed platform - the research of Cupertino. Likewise, the patent also may simply mean that record their developments to prevent others to come forward. In any case, back to the phone shell type as in the past?

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