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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Are you ready for Frankie's Holiday?

Yes, Apple has not lost its festive mood and a new promotion seems to combine a character fall in Halloween with what is the most joyous festival of the year which of course is already at the gates. And all with the idea of promoting not only the iPhone but Apple trend throughout the market.

And no, I'm not talking about a new product (unfortunately) but a commercial fun on YouTube that is already generating buzz, is that if the goal was to make trend can be said that some Apple extent he has succeeded. And all trying to give a twist to the name Christmas.

The message

Everything starts with the iconic monster coming out of his secluded house in the mountains of Switzerland where the famous British author Mary Shelley inspired its history, worst eye the monster is not only because it has an old music box and nothing more and nothing less than iPhone 7. After recording the sound of the box, goes to the city center.

Which of course is crowded with people around the Christmas tree in the city, the surprised crowd departs, and the monster with festive spirit decides nothing more and nothing less get to sing a Christmas song for everyone, as one of its screws becomes a red Christmas bulb.

This fact turns out that the friendly monster is not very attuned to say, but finds the warm help of a small one that not only gives a green bulb for the festive spirit, but complements it singing the song i'm comming home for christmas, To which in unison the song is transmitted to all the others present.

One can say that the final message of this advertising is contained in the phrase that appears before finishing the two - minute video and open your heart to all this Christmas. What is not only warm, but ratifies the commitment to open our favorite brand in an era where divisions seem to have deepened.

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