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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Best 10 reasons to play Clash Royale again

If you uninstalled the game, lower it and start to bust rival towers because now it is even more fun.

Do you know Clash Royale? The game battles with characters from Clash of Clans that everyone was flawed when it came out but maybe unmerged, if you left a long time you will be surprised with all the changes that have added to the game and that should make again the sand.

10 reasons to play Clash Royale again

1- For the spirit of ice

If you do not know this letter you have not play, was added and made some updates, costs only 1 of elixir and freezing units for a limited period of time. Essential for defending torch units like the barbarians.

2. Silences heavier rivals

Since recently you can completely silence the opponents, avoid that the heavy ones who spend the whole game crying bother you and laugh at them when you finish their towers. Before a dialog box appeared every time the opponent put one of those emoticons, now does not appear the picture so it is much less annoying.

3. Special Offers

When a new letter comes out, a special offer will appear in the store with which to buy and put the letter to a decent level in order to use it. According to the type of card the offer is more or less expensive, normally when the card is special you can raise it to level 6 per 100 gems, which is quite good.

4. Lots of sand

Like the previous section every time you manage to climb sand you will have an offer available in the store, some are really succulent and for little money you will have the possibility of getting legendary cards.

For example , when you manage to get to Arena 6 you will have available an offer for 5 euros that gives you a Magic Box, a bag of gems with 500 gems and gold cube with 10,000 gold, one 3 times cheaper deal by value of the Three products in the store.

5. Epic Chest

The cycle of coffers has also changed and now every 500 victories you have secured an epic chest, two giant coffers and two magicians. The epic chest contains 10 epic cards, only and exclusively, you can also buy it in the store for 10,000 gold.

6. legendary Chest

This is another of the great novelties that you will find if you have not played for some time, in the store or in the normal cycle of coffers you will find the legendary chest that will give you a legendary card of any arena. This is one of the best things in the game since even in low sands you can get a legendary card that is only available in legendary arena.

7. cheaper Challenges

When the challenges appeared you had to be YouTuber to create one or have lots of luck trying to get into one. Now you can enter when you want to play for only 10 gems, as you win games your reward will be greater, if you enter the Great Challenge (which costs 100 gems) the final prize will be a large handful of cards.

8. Arena 8

An intermediate Arena sand between Real and Legendary Arena where you must go with 2,300 cups, called Pico Ice cream and can unlock new cards as lanzarrocas, a purple monster who spends all day throwing rocks to fend his enemies.

Many asked for an intermediate arena because it is really difficult to reach Legendary Arena, before the jump was 1,000 drinks and now there are 700, although it is still just as difficult to get.

9. Special Challenges

Every now and then Super Cell surprises us with a special challenge, in the last we were throughout the game with double elixir and we were able to try mallets impossible to play in normal games. The first challenge is free and the following cost just 5 gems.

10. Quick Games

Because there is always someone available on the other side of the cell phone with whom to take a quick game, Clash Royale has a large number of daily players that make the game very addictive. One more party? So we have been given high hours of the morning to more than one ...

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