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Friday, 25 November 2016

Best apps discounts for iOS on Black Friday 2016

Every year is celebrated in several countries of the world Black Friday. This day discounts will gradually putting in place more in our country are many who take advantage of these rebates to be some whim or to advance holiday shopping.

In the case of the App Store, every year dozens of iOS apps receive significant discounts during Black Friday. These applications can be had for less money temporarily, it is even possible to see packages with several apps at a lower price than would add all separately.

So if you're trying to investigate what applications are those that have received this discount this year in the App Store by Black Friday we invite you to keep reading, because then we bring a small collection with some of the most popular. Let's go there!

Download these iOS apps with a succulent Black Friday discount!

Calendars 5

This calendar application has gone down from its usual price of € 6.99 to just € 2.99.

PDF Converter

These types of applications are very useful if you usually work with text documents that you want to convert to PDF. It has gone down from € 3.99 to € 2.99.

PDF Expert

We do not leave aside the issue of PDF, since PDF Expert is another good alternative to manage this type of documents with your iPhone or iPad. Its usual price is € 9.99, but on Black Friday 2016 you can get it for € 2.99.

Scanner Pro

Another app that can not miss today in a mobile device is a scanner. Scanner Pro allows you to scan text documents, color images or black and white ... Normally costs € 3.99 and has been lowered to € 2.99.

Printer Pro

Print wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad thanks to Printer Pro documents, clipboards or emails, among other things. Its price has gone from 6,99 € to 2,99 €.


An action-based email manager that has gone down from € 6.99 to € 2.99 this Black Friday.

Just Press Record

If you are looking for an alternative to the iOS Voice Recorder app Just Press Record is a great option. Normally it is worth € 4.99, but this Black Friday you can get it for € 2.99.


Task manager very simple to use that allows you not to forget anything. This Black Friday has gone from € 4.99 to € 2.99.


Powerful image editor for iOS that lets you create, edit and enhance your photos. Its price is € 4.99 and now costs only € 1.99.

Health Data Importer

App to import your health data from your old smartphone to the new one easily and quickly. This Black Friday has been reduced from € 4.99 to € 2.99.


App that allows you to combine several screenshots vertically or side by side. Its usual price is € 2.99 and is now € 0.99.

Screens VNC

This application allows you to connect remotely to your computer from your iPhone or iPad wherever you are. Screens VNC has received a significant discount, since it usually costs € 19.99, but this Black Friday costs only € 9.99.


Application to take notes handwritten, sketches or anything else you can think of. Its price is € 7.99 and has now been lowered to € 3.99.

MoneyWiz 2

Plan your budget and keep a record of all your expenses with this application that is also capable of reporting your income and expenses so you do not miss anything. MoneyWiz 2 has gone from € 4.99 to just € 0.99 this Black Friday.

Star Walk 2

Application to know the sky, where are the different stars and constellations, the Moon and the rest of the planets. Its price is € 2.99 and has now been lowered to € 0.99.

Shifty - Work Shift Planner

Organize your calendar with this calendar application that has a very simple interface to use. This app normally costs $ 1.99 and you can now get it for $ 0.99.

Water ++

Do not you drink all the water you should? Stick to a goal with Water ++ and watch all the water you drink throughout the day. The price of Water ++ is € 1.99 and this Black Friday has dropped to € 0.99.


Make really incredible photos with your iOS device thanks to this application that can cross the limits of your camera. Hydra costs € 4.99 and has now dropped to € 2.99.

Money Pro

Another money manager that allows you to budget your income and expenses, monitor all your accounts and many more things. The usual price of Money Pro is € 4.99, but this year has fallen to € 0.99 for Black Friday.

These are some of the applications for iPhone and iPad that are reduced in price this Black Friday 2016. Surely there will be many more, but these are some of the most popular.

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