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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for iMessage on iOS 10

Apple completely revamped the iMessage platform after the arrival of iOS 10 with as interesting as the integration of the new App Store, links enriched Digital Touch functionality or new effects of messages.

So now, iOS users 10 can enjoy highly anticipated features in the Messages application for iPhone and iPad.

As mentioned previously, the messages app now allows install applications from the App Store. But which are the best and the most recommendable?

Best apps for iMessage on iOS 10

1. Mario Run Stickers

Recently you were recommending a series of Stickers for iMessage iOS 10 , and among them were those of Mario Run. And it's fun to use in the photos!

2. Angry Birds Stickers

Another of the most used iMessage Stickers are those of Angry Birds ...

3. Tumblr

With the Tumblr app you can create your own GIFs from your videos iPhone and iPad.

4. Giphy

Talking about GIFs ... Did you know that you can send GIFs in iMessage through Giphy?

5. Circle Pay

With Circle Pay you can send money to friends and family in just a couple of minutes.

6. GamePigeon

A fun multiplayer gaming platform to have a great time in iMessage: chess, billiards, sinking the fleet ...

7. The Weather Channel

This application will offer you the possibility to know the weather forecasts from the iOS 10 Messaging app on iPhone and iPad.

8. App in the Air

Finally we recommend the App in the Air application for iMessage from which you can know all the information about your travel by plane and follow your air route in real time.

Of course, there are many other interesting applications available in the App Store and aimed at iMessage in iOS 10. What are your favorites? Would you like to recommend any of them? We invite you to participate in comments and social networks.

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