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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Can Jack's absence slow the jump from Android or Windows Phone to iOS?

The leap into digital audio is costing us more than we really need, and the culprit is just one, the Jack Jack of 3.5. I'm the first to defend the convenience of using the connector, however, seems to me a real obstacle. Above all, in order to allow an evolution in design.

And is that connector, occupies a space increasingly necessary, in a battle to make thinner, lighter ... That connector, which has been with us so much and so long, is becoming a stumbling block design mobile, And is being noticed in the market.

And then came the iPhone 7 ...

Apple has always had an immense popularity, and because of that is able to convert a standard any technology that appears on their devices. They are reputed to execute movements, which, had they been executed by other manufacturers, would have had no effect.

This year, with the iPhone 7 decided to eliminate the Jack of the equation , and it was then when they got all kinds of opinions. The audience saw and is divided over the possibility of having or not one of the ports most used to date.

Necessary revolution?

The future is wireless. That was the excuse that we were released from Apple to justify it. But let 's face it , that's no excuse. In many cases, we have taken away the option of using our favorite headphones without having to carry an adapter. We have been taken away from comfort, in exchange for ... Nothing?

But, let's not fool ourselves, the absence of a Jack will not stop anyone's advance. Very few will stop using their preferred platform for not having to use an adapter. And is that, what matters is not how you enjoy your favorite music, but enjoy it. And the disappearance of an analog connector will not change that, the incidents with faulty batteries in Premium mobile , yes.

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