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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Cancel downloading apps using 3D Touch

iOS 10 has been a huge revolution in software modifications but especially in the use of 3D Touch function, whose use until now was almost testimonial. Although they are still small things, they are certainly shortcuts that help you save time and make the use of iPhone much more fluid. One is that we explain this today, the new 3D Touch gesture that lets you control downloading apps.

Cancel downloading apps using 3D Touch

As you know, it's easy enough to pause the download of an app: all you have to do is click on the icon of the app in question and see its status. But cancel the download has always been a hard work: you need to press the icon, wait for dancing and then click on the X to confirm deletion.

But with iOS 10 everything is much easier. If you're using an iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or shiny new iPhone in July - both its iPhone version 7 as the iPhone 7 Plus - all with technology 3d Touch built, all you need to do is press the app that you are downloading from the 3D shape Touch - to be precise, pressing with a little more pressure until you feel a vibration in response - until you the typical menu 3D Touch in which you can mark the option to cancel the download appears.

Just click it and you will see that at the same time the app will disappear from your screen and your download will stop. Also, the 3D Touch menu also serves that function to pause the download and share the app - something very useful for copying the specific link to the App Store -.

But as we have said, 3D Touch has emerged as a revolution in iOS 10 which allows tasks such as obtaining specific addresses , rename folders , update globally all apps , open the multitasking or deleted text messages , Among many others. A whole new world that opens up to just a little more pressure.

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