Change the colors of the "Notification Center" texts with NCTextColor (jailbreak)

Some have noticed that the "Notification Center" is not as "dynamic" because it always has white text by default, but with a new tweak free jailbreak called NCTextColor, you can customize the colors of the notification center for a touch livelier .

This tweak works very well in case you have installed several themes on your iPhone and you want the colors of the notification center to match the theme you are using, but obviously it is not necessary to have a theme to take advantage of the qualities offered by this tweak jailbreak.

After you install it, you can go to the Settings application and open the preferences panel of NCTextColor. Here you will find the options to color the different elements in the notification center:

Right at the start, you can find a switch that you can use to turn the tweak on or off, but below are the panels that you can use to change the colors of the notification center.

Here are the configuration options found in the tweak:

  • Headers on the notifications tab
  • Text in notifications tab
  • Today section headings
  • Today's tab text

After you have made the color changes in NCTextColor, you can tap the red respring button, which is located at the top right of the navigation bar, to save the changes.

In particular, the colors are chosen from a color picker, rather than from a list of presets, so the color options are literally endless.

NCTextColor is available as a free download from the BigBoss repository in Cydia and works with jailbroken iOS devices 9.
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