Christmas season : Give Apple who you most want for Christmas -


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas season : Give Apple who you most want for Christmas

We're almost into Christmas season, we are just over two days to say that we are in the last month of the year. We come to those days when, if our economy allows us, we buy ourselves a couple of whims for ourselves, or for others.

From cp, we bring, how could it be otherwise, the best proposals of Apple - branded products to give to your loved ones (or yourself) this Christmas. And is that there are for all tastes and needs (yes, a whim can also be useful).


We started laying again be in complete safety, the king of Christmas. Apple surprised again a few months ago with the renewed iPhone 7 (from 769 euros), and its innovative features such as its dual camera. However, this Christmas also can get hold of the iPhone 6S (from 659 euros), the smartphone star of 2015, which introduced new how 3D Touch. Or the great little device is the iPhone SE (from 489 euros), dedicated to those who prefer compact devices, but equally advanced. As always, Apple provides options for all tastes .

ipod touch

We can not forget that it was, and will be the king of mambo in terms of music players. The iPod Touch (from 229 euros), is the best choice for those who do not want to spend too much but want the option of accessing all from one place. And there is no better way to enter the Apple ecosystem. Or cheaper.


Without a doubt, the best tablet on the market. There is no better occasion than Christmas to give your family and friends one of the most versatile technological pieces that has been seen, and is that there is nothing that can not make an iPad. From playing streaming content to helping you give the latest brushstrokes to your best play, there are as many possibilities as apps in the App Store.

Choose from a variety of models , from the iPad Pro 9.7 "(from 679 euros), the iPad Pro 12.9" (from 899 euros). Or if you want something more affordable, you also have available the iPad Air 2 (from 429 euros), the iPad Mini 4 (from 429 euros) and the iPad Mini 2 (from 289 euros).

Apple Watch

Our great fellow sufferer. That smart watch, that you can customize to your liking, and that is able to help you in your day to day, with everything that you have ahead. You can take it to train, or the office, and the'll forget you have the phone in your pocket. From 339 euros in its Series 1 version; or from 439 euros for Series 2, with water resistance and integrated GPS, as always, see Apple 's official website to find the one that suits you.

Apple TV

Undoubtedly, and as we said from iPadizate , this is the best time to buy an Apple TV (from 179 euros). Live all chapters and movies of your favorite franchises, enjoy like never of the best games and applications with its new App Store. What more can we say, the best device for the room.

MacBook Pro

Fresh from the oven, the modern MacBook Pro (from 1699 euros) Apple returns to break the mold with a risky bet for innovation. Features such as the Touch Bar, reflect the most nonconformist spirit of the Cupertino company, which is always one step ahead of its competitors, with novelties as interesting and useful as this.


The classic among the classics. The all-in-one Apple, always ready to make a dent in homes around the world. With Mac OS Sierra, and its amazing new features , there is no excuse with the Mac among the Mac. The iMac (from 1279 euros) is the gift that everyone wanted, they want and want.

Now it is all a matter of taste, but surely with the proposals that we have made, you will choose the best option to give away this Christmas. And if not, do not worry, there are period returns on the Apple Online Store .

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