conceptual renderings of a separate keyboard appear touchbar -


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Friday, 4 November 2016

conceptual renderings of a separate keyboard appear touchbar

A Reddit user "Hazza42" were encouraged to show their own renderings of what would be an independent Apple keyboard with an aluminum body with an integrated touch bar.

"I was inspired by the touchbar of new MacBooks, so I tried to design an updated Keyboard Magic," as written by Hazza42.

The concept envisages the same tactile bar replaces the top row of conventional keys, with a strip OLED multi-touch and the new MacBook Pro.
Unlike previous concepts, it requires a full - size keyboard with a numeric keypad which makes the touchbar is significantly longer than in the new MacBook Pro.

In the event that Apple has in hand to make a similar concept, we could see an improved bar with a separate keyboard touch, after the company updated its iMac desktop and the Mac Pro.

Of course, a keyboard like this would have to integrate the P1 chip designed by Apple, which handles the touchbar, tactile identification and the camera in the new MacBook Pro without compromising your security and privacy.

In any case, the price of a full-size keyboard with touch bar would be an important factor when purchasing it.

Still, provide a keyboard aluminum body with a bar OLED touch that includes the same features as the keyboard found in the latest model of MacBook Pro would be a plus to buy a iMac or Mac Pro.

And if it supports Bluetooth low energy, backlight, integrated battery and low profile keys and the new MacBook Pro lithium ions; It would be an accessory that would make it even more colorful desktop computers Apple.

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