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Monday, 7 November 2016

Configuring and Using VoiceOver on Apple Watch

VoiceOver is part of the accessibility features of Apple Watch, this feature shall contain the names of application icons, buttons and other elements of the user interface of Apple smartwatch.

For those users who have vision problems and obstacles is not only a function, but may also change their lives.

This article will help you , step by step, to set up and use the VoiceOver feature of Apple Watch. Can you come with us?

Enabling VoiceOver on Apple Watch

1. Open the Settings application on your Apple Watch.

2. Make tap on the General section.

3. Go to Accessibility.

4. Then press on VoiceOver.

5. Enable VoiceOver option.

To disable the function simply repeat the steps and disables the option.

Enabling VoiceOver for Apple Watch from your iPhone

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Click on General.

3. Then go to Accessibility.

4. Access the VoiceOver section.

5. Activate functionality.

How to Set the VoiceOver feature for Apple Watch on your iPhone

1. Open the configuration VoiceOver repeating steps above process.

2. Adjust the speaking rate sliding your finger on the icon bar with the tortoise and the hare.

3. Customize VoiceOver speech volume.

4. Activate the option of tips if you want detailed instructions on the operation of VoiceOver.

Controlling VoiceOver on your Apple Watch

1. Touch the screen and move your finger around to get a reading VoiceOver icons, buttons and other elements of the user interface watchOS 3.

2. Make tap on an item to select it .

3. Swipe left or right to switch to the next element of the interface.

4. Do a double tap to activate any element.

5. Swipe down with two fingers to access the Notification Center, or the next page (left or right).

6. Make a double tap with two fingers to pause VoiceOver.

7. Draw a "Z" on the screen of Apple Watch to return to the previous navigation action.

Video Tutorial

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