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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Confirmed, Instagram Will Have Live Video Ready

Sometimes, from time to time, you need to bring novelties to a product, to maintain its freshness for the user. Others however, more radical changes are necessary, either to stay as a trend, or simply to match the competition.

In this case, we talk about Instagram, an app that has already gone through several transformations, and that continues to work just as well as the first day. And it is that there is an app able to face the subsidiary Facebook, just look at what happened with Vine .

Instagram Live, coming soon

A few days ago, from iPadizate you count as he had appeared in one of the latest versions of tests Instagram, a number of characteristics attributed to a possible live video service . Since access to a "Top" live channels (empty, of course), a new paragraph for the issue.

Today, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, through the medium Financial Times , confirmed the new service, for the near future. In his words, this project is really exciting for the team Instagram because it can be a way to strengthen ties with people we like.

The biggest losers with this new function

However, it has not clarified anything more about this function, beyond what we already know. Nor he has wanted to arrange a date, so we'll have to wait impatient, so I'm sure the future of the new Instagram.

And is that if there is a company that does not stop receiving attacks from Facebook, it is Twitter. Already knocked to Vine, including the ability to upload videos to Instagram, now, they want to attack another leg on which Twitter is held today, Periscope. I just hope they can withstand the blow, or else it will hurt us all.

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