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Friday, 4 November 2016

Content Easily passes to your iOS device with WALTR 2

If you own a Mac computer you you could see that in recent years applications have been expanded in number and in quality. And today we'll talk precisely one of them called WALTR 2 developed by Softorino.

This company dedicated to developing applications for MacOS has released the second generation of WALTR, which lets you transfer files to your iOS devices. And one of the new features included in this new version is that it is now easier than ever to transfer files from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad.

One of the problems which have submitted iOS devices always in relation to the file transfer is that not all files are supported. However this is possible thanks to WALTR 2, an application that accepts any format and makes it compatible with iOS devices.

WALTR 2 easiest way to transfer files to your iOS devices

In addition, WALTR 2 not only makes it possible to transfer any file to an iOS device, it is also able to keep it in place. This means that if you spend a video will appear in the Video app, music in music or photos in the Photos app, without you having to go locating the files one by one.

I must say that WALTR 2 is the second generation of this application, but it is not a simple upgrade, but you could say that is practically remade from scratch. This means that the new features included in WALTR 2 are numerous, allowing even transfer more files, more formats and faster than the first generation form.

Among the new features included in WALTR 2 it should be noted that it is now possible to transfer files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from your Mac via WiFi, without connecting to the computer with the cable. On the other hand, WALTR 2 is now compatible with absolutely all iOS devices Apple, whatever their system version.

In addition, you can transfer WALTR 2 iOS device to your music, videos, photos ... but also books and audiobooks. But it does not stop there, because this application is able to search through the file metadata to recognize the content that you copy to your device and these appear labeled with its cover and data.

If you liked everything WALTR offers 2 Know that you can try it for free for a few days and then buy the full version to continue using it for about 40 $. To download just go to the official website of Softorino .

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