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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Create Your Best Selfie With These iPhone Apps

In the App Store you can find many photography apps for the iPhone. These, in general, go one step further and make available to the user more variety of features and options that can be modified when taking pictures with the smartphone.

Moreover, among these applications there are some that are specifically developed to achieve better results when done selfies. Some of these applications allow the user to apply filters to eliminate red eyes, teeth whitening or eliminate imperfections, while others allow a more fun touch with filters and stickers, among other things.

So if you're looking to get your best selfie we invite you to continue reading, as we show below five applications that can help you do this. Let's go there!

Stickers, filters and more with the best apps to get selfies on iPhone

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is an application for selfs that has different functions to retouch the photos and to make them look better adjusting the tone of the skin, adding filters, eliminating wrinkles, granites, etc. It also has an option that lets you tune your face to look slimmer, includes collages, frames, stickers and many more things to give a fun touch to your selfie.

Best selfie apps for iPhone.

If photography is full length, and ouCam Perfect lets you edit the image to refine your waist or make the legs are longer. On the other hand, this app has a smart tool to eliminate objects to remove things or people that are in the background and you do not want them to appear.


The B612 app features 25 different filters that are optimized for selfies, stickers facial recognition and effects. On the other hand, it has videos of 15 seconds with effects, photo collage, bullets and a lot of tools to edit your selfies, as well as different options to share your images on major social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).


One of the most popular apps among users is rhetoric, which lets you take pictures and videos with 120 different filters, the effect can see applied in real time. Retrica allows you to create GIFs, mix the filters with the shuffle button, decorate your photos and videos with stamps and share the results in social networks.


The name of this application may not sound, but the fact is that it already has more than 200 million users worldwide. Cymera offers hundreds of filters and effects for your selfies, 7 lenses from different camera and grids to combine up to 9 photos into one, creating amazing collages.

Best selfie apps for iPhone.

Cymera has more than 200 types of natural hair, makeup items, adjustments to the image (brightness, contrast, rotation ...) and watermarks, among other things. On the other hand, the app has animal masks, beauty filters, light effects and frames, articles for writing or drawing by hand, add text, and of course, to share photos on major social networks.


This application is very similar to Snapchat, the popular social network that allows you to send fun videos. Snow also offers the ability to send photos and videos with fun effects, stickers, text ... has a wide variety of stickers and special effects that can be added to your photos and videos, and like in Snapchat, everything you send Your friends will only last 24 hours before they disappear forever and you will be notified if someone else performs a screenshot.

These are just some photo applications you can find in the App Store and with which you can take selfies with a better finish, or if you prefer, with a fun twist, thanks to the stickers, filters and other options. Of course, as always, in the app store you will find more alternatives, so if you think that we have left some in the ink that should be part of this list, do not hesitate to tell us which in the comments.

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