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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Cydia: Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3 (December 2016)

Under certain circumstances, an iPhone or iPad user can find different applications to customize iOS applications, however, are mostly low reputation applications, or simply do not work properly

The fact is that Apple has never liked the complete customization of the system and has been against applications that allows modification of system design, and although we have several alternatives in the AppStore, the truth is that they are Very few apps that allow us to customize the device on a large scale, in fact, it is already possible to add widgets in the notification center

Thanks to Jailbreak Tweaks compatible, we can install themes, modify applications and more; Now that we have Jailbreak we can use this very good tool that allows us to customize the springboard applications

Based on the above, the steps shown in the video below should be followed verbatim:

  • 1 Keep the iDevice Jailbreak
  • 2 Access Cydia, find and install the desired tweaks
  • 3 Ensure compatibility of tweaks before installation
  • 4. After the Respiring, access the configuration of the downloaded tweak to fit the preference


It allows to organize the elements of the stay bar in the position that we want


Similar to TinyBar Tweak; Allows notifications to get smaller and thinner


When taking a screenshot, we can save it on the reel, or, share it with another application or social network


Customize notifications from the lock screen and notification center to the very neat style of Apple Watch notifications


Minimalist player that we can activate or hide with an activator gesture. It has night mode and gives us greater autonomy when playing songs with any application

Rocket for Instagram

We can save photos and videos of any user. Save stories on our reel. Repost any post

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