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Friday, 18 November 2016

Discover Call Waiting and Call Barcodes on your iPhone

After cool tricks like hide your phone number on a call with iPhone or measure accurately and numerically the signal strength on your iPhone we continue with a number of existing codes and employable in all smartphones on the market that allow us to activate functions very interesting for everyday use of your phone.

This time we will list the codes that allow you to block hit all outgoing and incoming calls from your iPhone - something the phone ideal for monitoring our children, to give a practical example -. Also, we will also learn how to activate call waiting, allowing us to take the call and answer a second call. Take note of these numbers that may be very useful for you in the future.

Of course, attention for example with the call waiting function, which in some operators can be paid.

Call waiting function

To handle the waiting call option - please check with your service provider first to verify if it is a payment feature - we must enter the following codes on the keyboard of our iPhone:

Knowing the status of call waiting: * # 43 # and tap Call. It is used to know if Call waiting is activated or not on our line

To activate call waiting on our line: * 43 # and tap Call.
Disable Call Waiting on our line: Dial # 43 # and tap Call.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding status: * # 21 # and tap Call.

It will allow us to know if our calls are received by our terminal or, conversely, they are directed towards another line. A very useful function for example when we have a second line of mobile.

Call Blocking

Call Blocking prevents receiving and making calls, leaving the terminal for other applications such as navigation, games, messaging or to convert our iPhone into a music player. This function can be used to exercise strict parental control of certain terminals.

Barring Activate: * 33 * + PIN #
Barring Turn off: # 33 * + PIN #

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