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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Discover the fastest and most effective trick to redial iPhone

Although with an iPhone we can do almost anything, surprisingly also serves to call and it is not too much to know all the tricks related to calls. And it is that the iPhone shortcuts never cease to amaze. In the phone application we have a record of incoming and outgoing calls chronologically that allows us to control our phone history and call back any of those numbers. But there is another much faster way to make a call back and we will descubrírtela.

This trick not only enables us to redial the last number you have reached, but also allows us to see what specific number was before executing the call, if for example we wrong introducing us digits and want to review and modify them .

The trick is so easy, fast and simple that we can not believe we have not figured it out yet. Imagine that you just made a phone call - it does not matter if it's a loss or you've made contact. Then:

1) Open the phone app and go to the keyboard area

2) Click on the green call button without entering anything. The last number that you have contacted will appear immediately. Modify it if you wish

3) To call, simply press again the green call button.

That is, if you want to redial, you only have to press twice the green call button. A truly useful for claim with little effort and without having to dial or look absolutely nothing gimmick, at best see if we had correctly entered the number, or add an extension, or for example add the code necessary to hide our number .

In addition, this trick is especially useful if we want to check the last call even if you have deleted the entire call history, or only one. But not only that, you can also see if you have that number in your Contacts simply by clicking on the digits for a long time, selecting, copying and pasting in your calendar finder.

As you can see, this trick is much better and faster than the traditional way of calling, which is to search the call history itself and click on it, since it does not allow modifications.

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