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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Does your iPhone need an antivirus?

Antivirus in iOS, Are they really necessary ?, How much does it really have and how much of a myth the phrase that an iPhone does not need antivirus. Apple has told us several times, that since iOS 8, its software is robust enough and safe enough not to need anti-virus software to protect it from attacks. Is that true?

Let's analyze this theory assuming that the only way to be safe on the internet is to be disconnected. We always say that our Apple terminals do not need antivirus. Well, it is not always true, since several software bugs have already been detected throughout Apple's history.

What is certain, is that iOS does not have as many security bugs as Android, but you always have to be careful where you navigate, because currently you can find surprises on any website.

Are there viruses for iPhone?

To be frank, any, either iOS or Android operating system is prone to any type of malicious attack, either by adware, trojans, keyloggers and other types of threats in development environments.

Even in the app store it has been able to "sneak" on occasion some potentially malicious software. However, such failures occur far less often than in Google Play, due to the control that has Apple on publishing applications.

What are anti-virus in iOS?

In this section is where more problems we are going to have because each person has his opinion on this subject. In March 2015, Apple issued a statement saying that the system was safe enough to fend for himself after the arrival of iOS 8.2, and took the step to remove all antivirus available in the app store.

Many of these antivirus available in the app store do not care about security flaws that can have the system environment to put a "patch", but is dedicated to analyzing the e-mail and messaging applications looking for files Malicious

So what good is an antivirus on iOS? I, as a user of iOS and Android, do not see any use in a mobile antivirus. At least in the long run. What I recommend is to install a basic antivirus like Norton or McAfee, an analysis, and uninstall it again. What do you gain from this? Well make sure you have no surprises, and then uninstall the antivirus software makes it not running in the background and slowing down the terminal.

And you, what do you have antivirus on mobile operating systems?

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