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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Donald Trump Offers Tax Incentives to Apple

In an interview he brought to light today by the New York Times, the elected US president Donald Trump brought to light a private conversation by telephone he had with the developer and Apple CEO Tim Cook where him back insist that " it would be an achievement that Apple produced in the United States"
To which, in the words of Crassus himself, time simply responded with a noncommittal simple "'ll think , " it is that since the Pre-Campaign now president has said he wants to make a direct shift to domestic production in the United United, leaving aside imports from Asia.

As already it is known about the California firm from the moment that Trump won the presidency made a consultation with its affiliates in Asia, including Taiwan's FORCONN in order to explore the possibility of producing the iPhone and more products firm On American soil.

I do not get response from FOXCONN, but the second branch where you want to be quite difficult to move their facilities. It was not until just yesterday that the FOXCONN executive responded by saying that production costs would be sidereal compared to production in Asia.

In response to this today Trump has said it will offer tax breaks to companies that produce in the United States incentives I have made reference again to Apple where in his own words said he had offered incentives and tax cuts to Tim Cook would be ridiculously silly To refuse them.

How can this affect you?

Although this news sounds very macro, the truth is that it can directly affect our pockets in the immediate future, and if as immediate as when the president-elect takes office in January. Because if it comes available a set of tax adjustments and a must move production is very likely that Apple will become more expensive.

Since both for you and me the fact that our next iPhone should come not from Asia where logistics and tariffs between countries are low, but from the United States where the conditions are not the same, will cause the price to increase until 50% more.

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