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Monday, 28 November 2016

Eliminate your trail on the net using the new Firefox Focus app

It is always important to keep some control when making use of the internet, and that is as many possibilities of the network as possible damage. Our personal data, are those that continue to prevent let's just be a number, that's why it never hurts to protect them .

Today, we offer a short tutorial on how to use the new app from Mozilla, the makers of the famous Firefox browser is also available on iOS . Firefox Focus, which is the name of the application, has reached the App Store a few days ago with one goal, offer a much safer navigation on any device.

How to use Firefox Focus on your iPad or iPhone

This new app offers various options for use with a common purpose, to give you more control over the information that others may collect about you on the net. The easiest way to use them is through the app's own browser, which fits the settings you have chosen. Simply type any URL in the address bar of the main menu and use it as any other browser.

You can change your settings simply, you only have to press the nut classic icon that appears in the upper right corner of the main menu of the app. From there, you can choose crawlers (programs which are stored on your device in order to transmit information about your habits to advertisers) you want to avoid, even with the default settings should suffice.

Integration with Safari

If you do not want to have to stop using Safari every time you want to use the functionality of Firefox Focus, you can follow a few simple steps that will allow you to integrate your current settings Firefox browser Focus on the owner of Apple.

Simply access the System Settings, there you will find the section on Safari. In this menu, there is the option Blockers content is in that setting where Firefox should authorize Focus. This way, the options you have set up in the app menus will also apply to Safari.

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