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Friday, 11 November 2016

Enjoy Movies, Series and Music on Apple TV with the Best Headphones

If you have an Apple TV and you enjoy your movies with him or favorite series or just listen to some music while you relax on the couch, you know you can do it also using a headset. Sometimes at home there all the silence that you like, so the headphones can be the solution to get away from it all and enjoy 100% of what you're seeing in the Apple TV.

So today in CP we bring a small collection with some of the best Bluetooth headsets that can currently find on the market that are compatible with the Apple TV. With them you can enjoy great sound quality, besides being wireless do not have That you fight with the cables or be at a certain distance because not of the length of this.

So do not entertain us and we will see and what those Bluetooth headsets for your Apple TV, including find Bose, Beats, Sennheiser and Sony are. Let's go there!

The best wireless headsets to get the most out of your Apple TV

Bose QC35

To get the best sound experience with a Bluetooth headset one of the options you have is Bose QC35. These headphones are really comfortable, have a battery life of 40 hours, Bluetooth connectivity for multiple devices, noise cancellation system first class and controls on the headset itself.

The QC35 Bose provides an immersive audiovisual experience while watching content or are playing on Apple TV. In addition, these headphones come with a free application for iOS that helps you manage your Bluetooth devices.

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Beats Solo3 Wireless

Apple TV can not take advantage of the Beats W1 automatic sync chip, but it does allow you to connect and enjoy the sound through the Beats Solo3 Wireless. As the above also have a range of 40 hours, also it has a quick charging system, which is always appreciated.

The Beats Wireless Solo3 not offer a noise cancellation system, but still provide great sound quality. They are padded, so they are very comfortable to wear.

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Jabra Move

These other wireless headphones also feature noise cancellation system, but the Jabra Move can be a great choice if you are looking for more affordable handsets. And it is that the sound quality they offer is really good, they are very comfortable to wear and have an adjustable headband so you can regulate it according to your needs.

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Skullcandy Hesh 2

These headphones are also wireless headset and have a battery life of 15 hours. It offers great sound quality, features microphone and integrated controls on the headset, which is really useful.

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Sennheiser RS ​​185

Closed headphones with integrated remote control that connect to Apple TV thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Are accompanied by a base with controls to place when you are not using, they have a range of about 18 hours and are really comfortable to wear thanks to padded carrying both the headset and the headband.

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Sennheiser RS ​​175

These other Sennheiser headphones are very similar to those above, have a battery life of 18 hours and are also very comfortable to wear. The RS 175 Sennheiser model also features controls and integrated into the headset microphone and a base station with different Controls that also serves to place them when you do not use them.

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Sony MDR-RF865

These headphones have a range of 100 meters, equipped with noise cancellation system and offers a battery life of 25 hours. Like the rest of the models we have talked about, they are also wireless and diadem format, which this time also comes cushioned.

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These are the ones we think are the best Bluetooth headsets currently on the market to have a great user experience with the Apple TV. There are many others, but in CP we believe that these are the best quality offer.

And you, which of these would you choose Bluetooth headset? Tell us in the comments!

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