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Monday, 21 November 2016

Fix the activation issues on your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of those accessories you can not get rid if you use it for a while. The possibilities offered, higher WatchOS with each update , and it gives you control over what happens on your iPhone without removing it from the pocket are truly wonderful.

If you have entered this article, it is quite likely that you have purchased a new or second-hand Apple Watch and you are getting into trouble with some other problem in the process of linking with the Apple ID. But do not worry, because today we bring you a few simple tricks that surely will help, even a little, to start enjoying your smart watch.

The most common tricks usually work

If you've tried to restart your iPhone and Apple Watch and still has not made it work, it's time to change strategy. First, close all apps s from the view of multitasking, which will comply with two clicks of the Home menu, so we can see that there is no application that is in conflict with the clock.

At other times, it is a problem of own iCloud account, which we access the settings iCloud account in the Settings app, and log off momentarily to complete the clock setting. If still does not work, we can always turn to perform a full reset our Apple Watch, from Settings, General, Reset, although this is already the most radical method, and the last thing we should follow.

Activating Apple ID, something as simple as necessary

Another big problem that can occur during binding on second - hand watches, Lock Activation is the mechanism that prevents thieves can use an alien device . If this is our case, we should contact the seller immediately, as it may be a stolen Apple Watch.

With this, I hope you have been able to solve the problems you may have had with your new technological jewel, and that you are enjoying Apple Watch itself fully. I do not doubt that after using it for a while, you can go back to not separate from it.

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