Foxconn is testing wireless charging system for a new iPhone model. -


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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Foxconn is testing wireless charging system for a new iPhone model.

Nikkei reports that Foxconn is currently testing wireless charging (Wireless Charging) for the iPhone and new iPhone models will come with 10-year anniversary.

Wireless Charging

For development and testing wireless charging (Wireless Charging) at Foxconn, there is no confirmation that clear. The system will launch with the iPhone in the next year or not. It was unclear whether the system will be deployed in Wireless Charging Apple's other devices with me.

The report also revealed that Such technology It is used in Apple devices, or does it depend on the production ratio of Foxconn that will increase capacity to use it or not.

Wireless Charging the iPhone version, celebrating its 10th anniversary.

For iPhone 2017 to follow that model to systematically Wireless Charging with or without Nikkei analysis that Apple could use the iPhone version celebrates 10 years as a spur sales of the iPhone next year have the same opportunities to be added. property And designing a new machine

Earlier there was news about the iPhone 8 to track with average next year may be the second-generation iPhone 8, as always, is 4.7 "and 5.5" models are used to. OLED Touch ID is embedded by the Home button on the screen and a built-Glass. Have to wait to see the next generation iPhone that will celebrate its 10th anniversary next track is like it.

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