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Monday, 28 November 2016

Free space on your iPhone with this trick without having Jailbreak

One of the things that has not changed in the iPhone since its first generation is that the internal storage is not expandable through microSD card, although over the years has been expanding that ability remarkably. However, users with 16GB and 32GB versions usually have space problems frequently.

Although Apple has already removed the 16GB capacity of its current models, many users have older models that are compatible with iOS 10 yet. So if this is your case and you have space problems we invite you to continue reading, since here are two ways to clean your iPhone and eliminate that "junk" that is taking up space unnecessarily without having to delete photos and videos.

In addition, I must say that these two forms of free storage to expand your iPhone do not need to have the Jailbreak done. Let's go there!

Increase the free space of your iPhone with these two tricks without Jailbreak

Freeing up space on the iPhone had never been so easy as with these two methods we tell you below. The first is not necessary to install anything on the iPhone, just own iOS cleaning tools are used, while the second method is used iCleaner Pro, cleaning tool more powerful iOS today.

Method 1 to free space on the iPhone

First of all it should be said that this method is not always as effective, but sometimes the results are incredible. iOS has its own cleaning tool, which ran before when trying to download content from the iTunes Store that exceeded the available storage, but with iOS 10 have been changes.

Now Apple has changed this feature to the iOS App Store, but surely, come to this point you wonder how you can make use of this iOS cleaning tool. Very simple, just go to the App store and search for an app (free or paid) occupying more space you have free on the iPhone.

This is important, since otherwise the tool will not be put into operation. When downloading the application starts you will see the icons of other applications appears the word "cleaning" and that's exactly what you'll be doing iOS, eliminating all that garbage is left on your iPhone.

Once the process is over and that the app you used as a decoy is installed, you just have to delete it and go to iPhone settings to see how much free space you have on it now.

Method 2 to free space on the iPhone - iCleaner Pro

The second cleaning method is using iCleaner Pro. This is one of the most powerful and popular iOS cleaning tools among Jailbreak users, but now it is also within reach of all those users who have not jailbroken on their iPhone.

To do this, first of all you have to download the .ipa file iCleaner Pro by clicking the following link . Once you have it you should download two PROGRAMS on your Mac, one is Xcode 7 and another Cydia Impactor .

First you have to open Xcode 7, it is important to have a developer account enabled in Apple, whether paid or free. Once connected iPhone with this account closed Xcode 7 and open Cydia Impactor.

Then connect iPhone via USB to your computer and once you have recognized will have to take the .ipa file iCleaner Pro and drag it to the window Cydia Impactor. At this point you will be asked for the Apple account, enter it.

On the iPhone you will see that a popup window appears to verify the developer. Click "Trust" and wait for it to install iCleaner Pro. All you have to do is open it and clean your iPhone.

Remember that iCleaner Pro will take about a week in your iPhone, which is what it takes to be revoked the certificate. In case you want to reuse it just follow the steps above to install the tweak again on your iPhone.

We hope these two tricks have been very useful and you have managed to free space on your iPhone.

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