Frees space on your Terminal with Safari Following these simple steps -


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Friday, 4 November 2016

Frees space on your Terminal with Safari Following these simple steps

Lists feature included in Safari Offline Reading is a good way to save your favorite web pages for viewing on another time when you need them , so you do not own a WiFi or data connection at that time.

This works by caching the web page, which is stored in the device. If you use this feature very often, you may notice that occupies more and more space in the terminal. Here we show how to recover your storage eliminating cache Reading Lists Safari.

Remember that the cache Offline Reading Lists Safari is something totally different from the common browser cache.

Cleaning the cache Reading Lists

If you want to delete the cache, just follow these simple steps.

  • Open the "Settings" application and go to "General". Here we move to "Storage" / "Storage and Use iCloud".
  • Select "Manage Storage".
  • We seek "Safari" on the application list and played on it.
  • We slipped in the "Offline Reading List" section to find the "Delete" button. We touch it to clear the cache Safari reading our device.
  • We waited a moment until we see that the cache size to zero down on our device.

Only saves you need

Remember that through this method does not delete the reading list, only we discard the cache of this. If you want to have one of the pages available for offline viewing anytime, you just have to recharge through the Safari Reading List and is downloaded its cache.

If you do not use Offline Reading Lists Safari, you may not mind eliminating, or even may never have used this feature on your device.

As you can see, delete these configurations that take away much it depends how much space the usemos- is very easy and quick to do. If you use a lot this option, we recommend you do the above process and downloading only the pages you really need.

A lot you use this feature of Safari? Leave your answer in the comments!

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