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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Future iPhone will have the smallest processors in history

After extensive research and product development, TSMC appears to be ready to begin manufacturing processors as small as 7 nanometers in size by the end of 2017 and early 2018, according to sources in the component manufacturing chain. What does this mean? Well, Apple still has a year to integrate the smallest chip in the iPhone history to be launched by 2018, of which TSMC is supposedly the exclusive supplier of processors.

Yes, sources go much further and speculate that the microprocessor only seven gauges could eventually be implemented in the next model of iPhone, which surely will be launched in autumn 2017. While this optimism should take her appreciation With tweezers, are less than 10 months away by September 2017 - and it is well known that September is the month of the iPhone launches for Apple - that is, there is no time material for the large-scale manufacture of such processors and subsequent implementation in the iPhone in August , scheduled for September 2017.

Everything points to the A11, the chip that will carry iPhone 8 will probably have a size of 10 nanometers, small enough compared to chips containing iPhone models 7 of 16 gauges. Surprising that in less than two years the electronics industry is able to reduce to more than half the sizes of their respective components with a progressive increase of power.

If this amazing processor and minuscule size 7 gauges we add other improvements confirmed as the removal of the Home button on a display borderless , more efficient and compact batteries and elimination of the 3.5 mm jack connection we find that Apple has in his hand the possibility of creating a new iPhone almost the size of a sheet of paper, providing a more powerful and efficient than previous versions but much thinner smartphone.

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