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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Get rid of spam in Calendar with this simple tutorial

Lately it has become very fashionable spam in iCloud, and is that this service is able to interact directly with iOS push notifications without the need for intermediaries. Institutions of dubious reputation, have started using various methods even more annoying than just spam, to reach our lives and hopefully fool someone.

A few days ago, from iPadizate we gave you some tips on how to deliver you from this new wave of unwanted alerts service Apple. Today, we bring you a more related to the Calendar app, one of the main victims of the new strategy adopted by various undesirable small tutorial.

How to remove root iCloud invitation issue

The Calendar app has a feature that gives external contacts the ability to send invitations to events created by them, so that they appear in the user 's calendar. These invitations are notified to the user on all their devices with iOS via Push notification. And this is what the thugs exploit.

Until Apple decides to take action against this new type of spam, the better to avoid these alerts, it is that every time you get an invitation, we are notified by email. To do this, we must access iCloud from your web version .

Once we have identified us with our credentials, we will enter the Calendar section, where we will select the Settings icon in the lower right corner; there, we enter the Preferences menu. In Advanced, and as shown in the picture above, we change the settings on how we want to receive invitations to events, choosing in this case the option Email.

As a result, not a single unwanted notification on our devices

With this, we will not suffer from a notification tray full of trash whose sole purpose is to annoy the user, because every time you try to send an invitation, this goes directly to the mail, where we can get rid of it without the senders detected That our account is active.

However, we understand the inconvenience this may entail in regard to those invitations that we wish to receive. Therefore, we hope that Apple responds adequately to this problem as quickly as possible, thereby to recover normal.

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