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Monday, 7 November 2016

Google creates an artificial intelligence that plays better than you Starcraft

Is it possible to defeat a Korean playing Starcraft II? The Google guys seem to recognize that it is humanly impossible, so we have decided to create an artificial intelligence that will try to defeat the machines Korean win.

Joking aside, studies on Artifical Intelligence of Google usually very ambitious, and after getting your supercomputer became a professional Go machine, your next destination is the futuristic strategy game from Blizzard.

Artificial Intelligence Will Play Better Than You Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is one of the most complex strategy games ever. Not only it requires a lot of knowledge about the game, but also can not miss a single second taking decisions. You have to manage your resources, the units that collect them, the vision your explorers bring you, and all that while preparing your army for the next skirmishes.

The guys at DeepMind; Artificial Intelligence department of Google, have seen all that complexity a challenge for the machine that won the Go. "Starcraft 2 has a greater relationship with the real world than any other game, and dominating it would be a bridge to the real world," says Oriol Vinyals, concluding that "the skills required by an agent to progress in the Starcraft 2 environment can be applied In real-world tasks. "

Google is not alone in this project because it has the support of Blizzard; The creators of the game; For this project, and so have announced during the Blizzcon. DeepMind has already surpassed 2D games in Atari, 3D games like Torcs, the game Go and Starcraft 2 will be your next challenge.

The main challenge of the Agent will demonstrate the ability to learn to plan long - term strategies, and the ability to adapt to new plans adapting to the new information gathered.

Will you be able to achieve Artificial Intelligence Google dominate the game that takes nearly 20 years to be dominated by Korea? We'll see.

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