Google Pixel by hackers in less than 60 seconds -


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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Google Pixel by hackers in less than 60 seconds

Google Pixel Smart Phone flagship from Google recently launched shortly by a Pure Android Device authentic latest Hacker bile (White Hat) penetration in less than 60 seconds and the drilling system. it has awarded $ 120,000 to the US dollar.

Job PwnFest competition hacking took place at the capital of South Korea by Hacker named "Qihoo 360" demonstrated hacking and vulnerability to hacking Google Pixel order to control the machine using less than 60. second, it was a complete team Qihoo 360 has a zero-day vulnerabilities to penetrate this post.

After hacking Hacker has been able to see the data, contacts, pictures, text messages, call history locally.

Hacking is not made lightly. The winner of the prize money of more than 4.2 million baht in the discovery and excavation of these systems have a vulnerability that was sent to Google to find a way to add Patch extensions to make Google Pixel is safer. up

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