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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Google's new artificial intelligence can enhance any photo

One of the biggest problems of digital photography is its resolution. Unlike the analogue digital photos have a certain number of elements, pixels, which delimit how well or poorly they are seen.

There are many techniques that modify this trying to add new pixels to increase the resolution but in many cases this even provokes the opposite effect.

Google has recently introduced RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution), a technique that improves accurately and quickly the resolution of an image.

Improving current options

And the increase of resolution by software is not a new invention but as we see in the image above the options currently available to the general public are not as optimal as we would like. Moving from an image with more resolution to one with more noticeably worsens definition and sharpness.

However RAISR works not applying an algorithm generally to the entire image but takes up to three shares for each of the pixels of the image that are improving so that at all times the best possible solution based take many parameters .

In the image above we see how this gives us a much better image than that obtained with a bicubic or linear increase in resolution processing.

In actual photographs this is key because each area can be studied independently thanks to artificial intelligence and learning system is improving as images.

Speed ​​is not a minor problem

The first letter of RAISR refers to the speed with which the system operates, which is key if you want to use on mobile devices in real time, which is the idea of Google.

If this software is implemented as an option or application that we can use in seconds will be much more used than if we need much more time.

Possible uses of RAISR

That Google is in charge of this advance makes us consider in what kind of applications we could see it, always facing the general public.

The first major option is Google Photos, because it is a new, innovative service that has earned rave reviews. The people of Mountain View have managed to create a point of union for the pictures of millions of people. That is why offering to improve the quality of the photos that we take in this application is a good idea.

In addition it would serve for example to improve the one of old photos. Personally I have photos in this service taken with a Nokia 3650, some 0.3 Mpx, so a help to improve them would be appreciated.

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