Griffin has released MagSafe magnetic connector for the new MacBook Pro -


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Friday, 4 November 2016

Griffin has released MagSafe magnetic connector for the new MacBook Pro

One of the main claims to the new MacBook Pro was the failure of magnetic charging connector Apple in favor of USB-C interface. MagSafe has been used successfully in a variety of Mac ten years without going to the store for new devices. After all, if someone accidentally touches the wire MacBook, magnetic connector will not pull a team, but simply disconnected from the body. Trapped in an expensive MacBook Pro Cable, you warrant that опрокинет on the ground with all its consequences.

A device called Griffin BreakSafe can charge the MacBook Pro is as easy as the MacBook Air. Accessory realized bidirectionally, USB-C cable, which intends to use instead of coming with 12-inch MacBook. Its length is 1.8 meters high, and in the end that is inserted into the connector on the laptop, magnetic port is. It is enough cable to the MacBook and automatically connect and start charging the battery of the device.

The Griffin product has three advantages over a standard USB-C cable accessory developers say. First, the magnetic connection to connect the cable to the device almost without looking. Secondly, because as an accessory consists of two parts: the adapter and a special cable - BreakSafe it protects the port from moisture and dust. Good and most importantly, the use of the product is reduced to virtually zero risk of dropping the laptop boot random wire. If you throw a cable, it has been argued by the MacBook, preventing the fall of your device.

Griffin has announced BreakSafe last year, but now has announced support for the new MacBook Pro. Fully you can charge will be 13-inch and models of laptops, the version with 15-inch screen will load time due to the limited capacity adapter 60 watts. adapter standard 15-inch MacBook Pro emits 87 watts.

Griffin Cable for users of Apple laptops will cost $ 39.99 dollars.

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