Here are the 51 New Emoji from Unicode -


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Friday, 11 November 2016

Here are the 51 New Emoji from Unicode

While Apple is preparing a lot of new emoji in the latest update of iOS imminent 10.2 , the Unicode consortium has just approved 51 new emoji planned for the next release of Unicode 10 back in mid 2017. These new emoticons are designed to meet numerous requests from third parties to the consortium over time, some as representative as the hijab or woman nursing her offspring.

In total, the new release of Unicode 10, it is estimated there will be 36 new facial emoji, among which include the face throwing up, man with a beard - as is tradition will be available for multiracial - face with starry eyes, The head about to explode, a face shutting with a finger in his mouth, a face with a monocle ...

Other additions are the people doing yoga a person, a person in the jacuzzi, a climber ... Also, we will have enough additions fictional beings as the vampire, wizard, genius, zombie, siren @ elf ...

There will also be many innovations in the food and beverage section, like the bowl of soup, coconut, broccoli, cake, pretzel, canned food, sandwich, almond. Likewise, we will see new real animals like the hedgehog, the zebra, the giraffe or the cricket and extinguished like the tyrannosaurus rex.

Finally, we will see many quite fun and useful emoji, like orange heart, brain, various clothes and accessories such as a coat, gloves, socks and scarf, curling ...

This summer, Unicode 9 , and launched 72 new emoji that included bacon, selfie and clown face - which we will see in iOS in 10.2 - and although Unicode 10 to be presented in 2017 not know what the next update will come to Apple devices, but everything points to missing a few months.

What do you think of the new additions? Are you missing any more emoticons?

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