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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hey Apple! Let us choose which iOS apps we want to use

Apple operating systems, iOS and MacOS, provide users with a wide range of applications that allow us to perform any tasks.

We can surf the net, send emails, add reminders, introduce new contacts, read books and much more with native applications included in iOS and MacOS.

But, interestingly, Apple iOS offers us the possibility to choose which applications to use by default when sending emails, edit your notes, etc. Something that MacOS YES allows. In macOS you can use Outlook instead of Mail, Chrome instead of Safari, or any other third-party app instead of Apple's native applications.

In macOS you can even change the default application to open specific file formats. Let's say you usually work with text editors and you do not want to use TextEdit again. By changing your configuration options you can double-click the file and open it directly in any other third-party application ...

Unfortunately iOS users do not have this nice functionality. If you press on a link (in any application) Safari will open by default, if you press on a date in iMessage will open the native Calendar application, if you press on an email on a web page will open the native Mail application, etc.

Apple wants to use your application, and it requires us to do so. Or rather, it prevents us from using third-party applications in a more comfortable way.

You can choose to copy links or use the Apple extensions to open documents, web pages, and other elements in the applications that you want. But obviously you'll end up losing valuable time. So, from here, we ask Apple to please allow us to choose what applications we want to use by default in iOS.

Personally I am more than satisfied with the performance and performance of Safari, iMessage, Mail, Calendar or Maps. But I know in good ink that many iPadizate readers prefer to use third-party applications, something completely reasonable. Which Apple app would you replace by default?

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